Humanoid Robots

KT-X Superbot

The KT-X Superbot is the flagship humanoid robot of KumoTek Robotics. This robot boasts 17 degrees of freedom, a powerful 60MHz microcontroller. Remote control, gyro/accelerometer and assembly can be ordered as additional options. Upgrades to the KT-X Gladiator model are available.

KT-X Superbot
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KT-X Gladiator

The KT-X Gladiator is the higher end KT-X model, boasting a whopping 19 degrees of freedom, which allows the robot to pivot, or yaw on the hip axis. The KT-X Gladiator offers the most realistic motions within the KumoTek humanoid line.

KT-X Gladiator
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KT-X Gladiator Pro

The KT-X Gladiator Pro is the top-of-the-line hobby/entertainment robot within the KumoTek line. The PRO series offers an amazing 19 degrees of freedom and extremely high torque servo motors. The Gladiator PRO can lift objects and even carry other robots on its back. You can find this robot currently on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

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KT-X PC - Advanced Research Robot

Based on the 5 years RoboCup Award Winning VisiON 4G technology, the all new 20 d.o.f. KT-X PC was developed with the concept of providing both an PC and motor controller within an affordable bipedal robot frame. This robot incorporates 2 high end metal gear servos for enhanced stability, as well as an onboard PC, gyro/accelerometer sensors, networking capabilities and a high-resolution vision system. The blue pads provide effective shock absorption in case of falls.

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KT-X PC PRO - Advanced Research Robot
The functions and features of the KTX-PC PRO are similar to the KT-X PC, however this robot incorporates 16 metal gear high torque servo motors for enhanced performance, an SDK for the onboard motor controller and one day of onsite training from one of our trained staff engineers.

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KT-X Overview

The "KumoTek-X" (KT-X) bipedal robot is the latest robot to emerge from the creative labs of KumoTek Robotics and Vstone Corporation.

The robot was designed to offer an entertaining, low-cost alternative to high-end robotics, while stylishly combining the latest in sleek design and cutting-edge robotics engineering.

The KT-X is the first low-cost bi-pedal robot platform of its kind to be offered in the U.S. that (a) can be controlled using a standard wireless PS2 game pad controller, (b) is easy to use and (c) offers endless hours of entertainment.

Remote Control Now Included for Domestic Customers

This amazing robot is capable walking, running, somersaulting and standing up from a face-up or face-down lying position. It can even be programmed to pull itself up autonomously after it has fallen over.

It stands 13 inches tall, has 17 servo actuated joints (i.e., 17 degrees of freedom), a powerful 60MHz HV processor with 512kB ROM / 64kB RAM and comes fully loaded with over 75 preprogrammed motions.

The robot also comes with an easy to use programming interface, which KumoTek believes to be the most user-friendly programming utility to date that requires little or no prior experience with robotics or programming.

We provide free tech-support with the purchase of your KT-X, and will work with you to get your robot up and running. We also honor a one year warranty.

Robot Specifications
Height 13.5 in
Width 6 in
Depth 2.5 in
Weight 2.9 lbs
Degrees of Freedom 17 Total
Servo Specs 17 x VS-S092J
Sensors Each servo has an embedded sensor for detecting the servo's position in real time.
CPU H8 -- 60MHz HV processor with 512kB ROM / 64kB RAM
Charger 1 * AC100V charger
Communication with PC RS232C (115kbps) or USB
External I/F Playstation 2 Style Wireless Gamepad Remote (included for domestic customers only)
Attachment Software The KT-X comes with the easy to use "RobovieMaker" programming software. The software is easily installable to a standard windows based PC, and can be uploaded to the robot via serial connection (also provided).